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Fiber Talk Queen’s Sampler, Sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery, Kickoff Day

The Queen’s Sampler, stitched by Linda Vinson.

Note, the video linked below is a new version with all of the audio. If you listened to the previous version and weren’t able to hear the final 10 min., jump to the 30 min. mark in this one to hear that discussion. Sorry for the hassle and confusion. Gary

It’s day one of the Queen’s Sampler Project, sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery. While we’re starting the project today, the first video applies to anyone, whether you’re interested in the Queen’s Sampler or not. In the video we talk about how we set up linen and threads for any project. Maybe there’s a tip in it for you? In addition, you’ll learn the proper arm motion for ironing linen, which is a valuable thing to know. If you want to do the project with us, call Kim at Sassy Jacks to buy your kit at a discounted price. Also, go to the Shop page to buy your Fiber Talk needle minders.–Gary and Vonna

Queen’s Sampler Kickoff Day video:

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7 thoughts on “Fiber Talk Queen’s Sampler, Sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery, Kickoff Day

  1. I was unable to hear the last 8 minutes or so, the video seems to have lost the sound. Is it my computer or was there an issue?

    1. Yes, I lost sound at that point too – I had some problems my end with the podcast recently so I feared it was my computer playing up again.

    2. I just refreshed the window and then picked up the video where I left off

      1. Glad it worked out for you and thanks for listening.

  2. There is a problem with the file. It’s not your machines. Working on it. Sorry.

  3. Hi Gary,

    You guys make this look like so much fun! I have million projects on the go, but you’ve inspired me to join you on this project! This will be my 3rd sampler – I finished on tiny one, started another and went to the “I, Bathya” class in Mesa at The Attic, but haven’t begun it yet. I’ve just ordered the kit and the charts to do this with the two of you. I love that Vonna asks so many of the questions I would ask.

    Gary, which session are you going to next summer with Nicola? I’d love to meet you and have you in my class – you’re a riot!

    All the best,

    Kathy Andrews

    1. Glad to have you join us for the Queen’s Sampler Project, sponsored by Sassy Jacks. Vonna and I will be at the Thursday/Friday/Saturday classes. Hope you can join us.

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