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Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 8-16-17

Margaret Papanicolau’s Family Tree sampler.
Wednesday has arrived on schedule and we have needlework stuff to talk about. On this week’s list is Lorna Bateman, Royal School of Needlework U.S. summer school, Margaret Papanicolaou’s sampler, Painted Pony Designs, supporting LNSs, and general stitching tips. We hope you enjoy the show and will tell others about Fiber Talk.–Gary and Christine

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5 thoughts on “Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 8-16-17

  1. Hey Garry and Christine: I keep my floss away bags in a cardboard tote carrier. I made up little index cards with the number of the color group, for instance, the number 700 would be on my index card and all the 700 colors would be behind that index card. I like the floss away bags because I prefer to keep the skeins whole and the bags also keeps them clean. I have ordered the cardboard boxes at Yarn I use two boxes, one for my DMC collection and the other for my specialty threads. This storage system has worked for me for years and I like that I can carry the tote box to my work area. I also use the paper DMC check list to keep track of what colors I have.

  2. Thank you for mentioning my hand-painted line on your show last week. While I would prefer that we were talking about my line in happier circumstances, I appreciate your effort to frankly discuss copyright infringement. For our community of stitchers to survive, not only must we pass our needle skills down to new generations, we must protect the intellectual property rights of our individual designers to ensure we continue to have artists who feel free to create new canvas designs for us.

    1. Glad to talk about the issue. I detest copyright infringement. Hope this problem can go away soon for you. Also, thanks for listening.

  3. HI Christine! I have an android phone and I use stash cache. There’s stuff all around the net about it plus I load details on my blog to share too –

    1. That’s great, Paula, thanks! I’m going to give that a try.

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