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Fiber Talk with Jill Vendituoli

Drought by Jill Vendituoli.
The long Maine winter nights led this week’s guest, Jill Vendituoli, to teach herself needlepoint and develop a unique approach to design, thread, and color use. Her designs are big, bold, beautiful, and make it clear that needlework is not a craft but truly another art form. We are confident you will enjoy this week’s conversation with Jill Vendituoli.–Gary and Christine

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A Tapiter’s Life by Jill Vendituoli.
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Houston by Jill Vendituoli.

Learn more about Jill Vendituoli at the links below:

We hope you enjoy this week’s conversation with Jill Vendituoli. We’re always looking for guests, so let us know if there is someone you’d like us to have on the show.–Gary and Christine

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