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Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 10-31-18

It’s Gary and Christine this week. How original! This week’s topics include stumpwork, embroidery, Trish Burr, and a lengthy discussion about what to do with charts when you’re finished (don’t copy them). Sunday’s guest: Cathe Ray, Needle in a Haystack.

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5 thoughts on “Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 10-31-18

  1. How is selling a original chart or original stitch guide that’s been used different from selling a piece of used clothing or furniture? Christine is more on point in being concerned about selling an unauthorized copy of the chart, etc.

    1. It’s not. I think you missed my point or, more likely, I didn’t make it well. I was simply raising the question about whether, by gifting or selling charts, we are depriving needlework artists from sales that they need to afford to keep creating and publishing designs. Sometimes I think it’s different than some company/corporation making furniture in that we should support designers and local stores as much as we can to keep the hobby strong. I’m really of two minds with this issue. Just wanted to raise the question for thought and discussion. Thanks for listening to Fiber Talk,

      1. Gary: FYI, here’s a link to how Toni Minieri deals with this issue; see 3rd paragraph:
        I don’t know how that’s enforced, but the world of needlepoint is not that big.

  2. Hi Gary- need to mark a needlework chart with a place saver for your next stitching session? Suggest using large rectangular sticky notes. They stay on safely and can be moved the next time. Thanks for the podcast. Kate

  3. Copyright is a vast area of the law. For folks interested in more on the subject, check out the Just Wanna Quilt podcast:
    hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Townsend Gard, a law professor at Tulane University, and who discusses applicable copyright matters in almost every episode. You do not need to be a quilter to appreciate the copyright issues explored on the podcast.

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