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Fiber Talk with Yvette Stanton

Biscornu project from Early Style Hardanger.

This week’s guest is Yvette Stanton of Vetty Creations in Sydney, Australia.Considered by many to be the hobby’s leading whitework expert, she has traveled the world to research various whitework techniques and share their origins and how the stitching is still done today. Yvette has written eight books about stitching and we talk about all of them in the podcast, in addition to a variety of other topics. Her newest book, Early Style Hardanger, is a beautiful and knowledge-packed publication that resulted from her research trip to the Hardangerfjord region in Norway where she learned about the very origins of the stitching technique and how the Norwegian stitchers, to this day, produce some of the most beautiful needlework in the world. Please join us this week and learn about the world of whitework stitching.
–Christine and Gary

Listen to the podcast:

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Projects from the Early Style Hardanger book.
Yvette Stanton’s books.

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To learn more about Yvette’s books, click here to visit the shopping section of her website. Order books through your local needlework store, Amazon, or other book-selling channels.

Yvette’s Recommendations
At the end of the show, Yvette recommended a book and that you visit the Hardanger Folk Museum. Below are links to those items:

We hope you enjoy this week’s conversation with Yvette Stanton. We’re always looking for guests, so let us know if there is someone you’d like us to have on the show.–Gary and Christine

4 thoughts on “Fiber Talk with Yvette Stanton

  1. Hi Gary, Christine, and Yvette,
    Love your comments. I think, however, you are all forgetting about the revival of geometric by the insurgence of Jean Hilton stitches. She lived in Illinois and created her famous stitches when she made mistakes. I heard her speak about designing her stitches and that with woman working now there was limited time to correct mistakes.. interesting
    Mary G

  2. Mary,
    Thanks for your thoughts and for listening. As I’m sure you’ve heard in our other shows, I’m a big fan of geometric designs and can assure you I appreciate Jean Hilton’s contributions. You’ve given me an idea for an upcoming show topic.

  3. Hi Christine and Gary,

    I am so enjoying your podcasts! I am learning many new and interesting things by listening. You always seem to ask the questions that I would like to have answered.
    I thought of two people that I think would be fantastic interviews. One is Stephanie Pearl – McFee, “The Yarn Harlot”, both a knitter and writer. The other is Trish Burr, an author and known for her beautiful needle painting.
    Again, thank you for your wonderful podcast ,
    Shirley Crockett

  4. This is my favourite talk so far! I love history and whitework embroidery. Thanks for a great interview!

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