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Fiber Talk with Toni Gerdes

Fire & Ice by Toni Gerdes

Our Fiber Talk guest this week is needle-art designer and teacher Toni Gerdes. Toni holds Level II Teacher certification from the National Academy of Needlearts, specializing in canvas embroidery. She currently serves on the Board of NAN as the Director of Education and on the Board of Directors for Mile High ANG chapter as President. Toni is currently the President of NETA. She has received numerous awards for her designs and has taught at NAN, EGA, and ANG events, as well as guilds & shops. Toni has been published in Needlepointers, Needlepoint Now, and in Needle Arts as the Artist Across America. She enjoys all types of stitching and especially sharing her knowledge with others. We covered a variety of topics in our conversation, including the stories behind Toni’s Under a Copper Moon, Fire and Ice, and Geometric Butterfly designs.
–Christine and Gary

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Under a Copper Moon by Toni Gerdes.

Connect with Toni at her website

We hope you enjoy this week’s conversation with Toni Gerdes. We’re always looking for guests, so let us know if there is someone you’d like us to have on the show.–Gary and Christine

3 thoughts on “Fiber Talk with Toni Gerdes

  1. I enjoyed this podcast. Toni’s tip about the mini iron for travel was especially helpful.
    Suggestions for another person for the show:
    ^ Robin King (stitch guide writer & needlepoint teacher)
    ^Ruth Schmuff (designer, teacher & owner of Bedecked and Beadazzled needlepoint shop)
    ^Jill Likes (owner of The Needlepointer shop & recently developed a line of thread)
    ^Amy Bunger (teacher, stitch guide writer & owner of Amy’s Golden Strand, a needlepoint shop)

    1. Thanks for listening and we’re glad you enjoyed the show. A mini iron is on my list, too. Also, thanks for the suggestions. We’ll add those people to the list.

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