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Fiber Talk with Isabella Rosner

Isabella Rosner’s new book, “Stitching Freedom: Embroidery & Incarceration
An embroidered nutmeg, from the Witney Antiques collection.
Isabella Rosner is one of those rare people who sets a course where no course exists and, with persistence and hard work, reaches her goals. In this week’s conversation, sponsored by the Embroiderers’ Guild of America and Sassy Jacks Stitchery, we learn how Isabella’s love of textile arts drove her all the way to earning a PhD from King’s College of London. Her thesis was “Women Professing Godliness with Good Works: British and American Quaker Women’s Art before Ackworth and Westtown, 1650-1800.” She is now a curator at the Royal School of Needlework, charged with digitizing the massive RSN collection (learn about that project in our March 2, 2024 show and visit the RSN website to enjoy the first 100 pieces from the collection), and Research Associate at Witney Antiques. In addition to that work, she has written a new book, “Stitching Freedom: Embroidery and Incarceration,” available at the RSN website, and is the host of the Sew What? podcast, a periodic show that will provide you with extensive information about textile arts. Folks who love textile arts and the history behind them would do well to closely follow Isabella’s work as we’ve only just begun to learn from this talented lady.–Gary

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