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Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 4-11-18

Bali Ha’i free chart from Carole Lake.
Like clockwork, Wednesday has shown up again. But, do not fear, we have stuff to talk about. This week’s topics are TV shows and movies to stitch with, a monogram book for stitchers, free patterns, Tulip needles, our stitching efforts, and the impact of exercise on stitching. Sunday’s guest: Jean Farish of Jean Farish Needleworks and Stitchers Escapes.–Gary and Christine

Listen to the podcast:

The podcast is also available on FlossTube.

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4 thoughts on “Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 4-11-18

  1. Great episode, thanks.

    Regarding ergonomics and stitching, a good place to start may be Carson Demers’ website:
    Mr. Demers, a physical therapist, has written a book geared to knitting and spinning ergonomics, and he is a popular speaker at various knitting conferences and on knitting or spinning podcasts. A lot of his insights and suggestions are transferable, in my opinion, to other types of stitching.

  2. Hello!

    Where do I leave a comment about ‘Films and TV Shows to Stitch With’…

  3. I found the Tulip needles last week at A Stitching Shop in Denver. They will also do mail orders. Christine House and her staff are lovely people and very helpful.

    1. Kelly,
      Thanks for letting us know. Good to have another source for my list. Thanks for listening, too.

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