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Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 5-8-19

Please support our sponsor, Sassy Jacks Stitchery.
It’s Wednesday and this Midweek Chat is sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery. Vonna and Gary are doing the chatting and they talk about Vonna’s Jesus project, Sarah Braizear, the Saviours Praise sampler, Bathya, the Queen’s Sampler, Stitch Mania, Frozen Phoenix Art and standing and stitching.–Gary

Listen to the podcast:

The podcast is also available on FlossTube.

Vonna’s finished Jesus project.
Here are some links:

I hope you enjoy this week’s special video presentation. I’m always looking for guests, so let me know if there is someone you’d like me to have on the show.

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4 thoughts on “Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 5-8-19

  1. It’s not just samplers you have the Ph. D. in enabling in. I’ve purchased a (small) hand painted needlepoint canvas from The Wool and The Floss this past week because of you and these podcasts!

    1. I can help you spend your money on just about anything related to stitching. Let me know when you need help and thanks for listening.

  2. I have actually listened to the 5-18 podcast twice!! Gary and Vonna are so darn good at what they do! And Vonna’s laugh is just contagious!
    Look forward to these every week!!
    Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the show and thanks for listening.

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