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Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 8-7-19

Debbie Rowley’s Glitz and Glamour Carnelian design.
It’s that day that starts with a W and this week’s chatters are Gary and Debbie Rowley. Topics include working with metallic threads (Thanks for the tips, Debbie), needlework as gifts, needles, and a few stories. Remember to save 15% at Sassy Jacks on sampler kits we mentioned on our two most-recent Sampler Sunday shows and send your Quaker sampler suggestions to Gary or Vonna by Sept. 1. Sunday’s guest is Alison Cole.–Gary

Listen to the podcast:

The podcast is also available on FlossTube.

Debbie Rowley’s Shanondoah Spring design.
Here are some links:

I hope you enjoy this show. I’m always looking for guests, so let me know if there is someone you’d like me to have on the show.

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1 thought on “Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 8-7-19

  1. Great conversation with Debbie Rowley!! I learned not only about metallic threads but the different types of silks and would like more info on stitching with varied weights of silk threads. Thanks for another great podcast

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